The capital market is the barometer of any country’s economy and provides a mechanism for capital formation. Across the world there was a transformation in the financial intermediation from a credit based financial system to a capital market based system which was partly due to a shift in financial policies from financial repression (credit controls and other modes of primary sector promotion) to financial liberalization. This led to an increasing significance of capital markets in the allocation of financial resources.

The efficiency of a capital market, which can be defined in terms of its ability to reflect the impact of all relevant information in the prices of the securities and the large number of profit driven individuals who act dependently on one another, has grown tremendously in the Indian context.

A developed securities market enables all individuals, no matter how limited their means, to share the increased wealth provided by competitive private enterprise. The players involved in the capital market include small investors, mutual funds, banks, companies and financial institutions.

Our International Capital Markets team is one of the players involved in such capital markets.

The International Capital Markets team has expertise to undertake legal diligence and draft offer documents for the international offerings in compliance with the overseas regulations. We have represented issuer companies, merchant bankers and underwriters in various such offerings. We assist the issuer companies and the merchant bankers in dealing with queries raised by regulators and liaise with nomads and overseas stock exchanges for international offerings.

Our Firm completed its 105th issue in October 2015, which includes GDRs, FCCBs and QIPs. The 100 successful issues comprised the entire gamut of services from preparing the roadmap of the issue, legal diligence, offering circulars to listing of the securities on the overseas stock exchanges, and each of them handled by our Firm. When we state, we have experience in International Capital Markets, we can proudly say, we have a century old experience.