De Jure

Like life, the only thing constant about Law is change. We therefore not only believe in having a strong knowledge base but a regularly updated one. With a very strong in-house programme for knowledge management we ensure that our members remain abreast of the ever changing Laws and Regulations.

We do the same for our clients. Our endeavour is to, at regular intervals, circulate to our clients our in-house articles "De Jure", providing in a crisp manner, updates on all the relevant regulatory changes that may take place from time to time and sometimes details and outcome of interesting cases handled by us. Through these articles, not only do we inform on the clients on changes in Law but we also attempt to evaluate the law vis-�-vis the needs of a client.

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  Dilemma of Settlement Under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016
  Standard Operating Procedure
  Insights on GST
  Further Exemptions Granted
  Fast Track Insolvency Resolution Process
  FIPB Abolishment-The proposed way ahead
  Reorganization of Quasi-Judicial Bodies
  Redefining Dispute & Existence of Dispute under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016
  All Hail the New Dawn
  Class Action in India
  Frustration of Contract
  Can e-courts help speed up justice delivery
  Up Until Now
  Reduction of Share Captal - A Comparative Analysis
  SEBI on Compensation Agreements
  A step closer to solving the insolvency
  Masala Bonds
  Note on Benami Transactions Prohibition Amendment Bill 2015
  One Person Company
  CIS - Transitional Trauma
  Crusaders Against Black Money
  Double Whammy against the Developer
  Amendment to Managerial Remuneration Rules 2016
  Amendment to Companies - Acceptance of Deposit Rules 2014
  Its raining sop for Startups
  Radical changes announced to the Foreign Direct Investment
  The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016- A Step Towards Achhe Din
  Proposed Geospatial Information Regulation Act 2016
  Transfer of Unlisted Shares - Whether Capital gain or Business income
  New Law on Ponzi schemes and unauthorised deposit taking activities
  Facebook Connecting People to Connected Persons
  Setting Up An Office In India
  The Wait Ends Here
  Implications for Stamp Duty on Scheme Approved by Different High Courts
  FDI in E-commerce
  MCA Entends Exemptions Under Competition Act 2002
  Taxation Reforms under Finance Bill 2016 for REITs and InvITs
  Commercial Courts Act 2015
  FDI in LLP
 The Arbitration And Conciliation (Amendment) Act 2015
  FCPA UKBA - A Word of Caution for Indian Companies
  Independent Directors
  Land Acquisition Bill
  Note on Guarantee
  Note on Infrastructure Investment Trusts
  Note on Real Estate Investment Trusts
  Note on Specific Performance of Contract
  OPC Problems and Pitfalls
  Rule against perpetuity
  Seat of Arbitration
  Serious Fraud Investigation Office - An office with more teeth
  Strategic Debt Restructuring
  Black Money Act -Disclosure Window & Practical Difficulties
  Proposed changes in the Arbitration and Act
  Insider Trading Committee Recommendations
  Double Trouble on Real Estate Transactions
  Doctrine of Relation Back
  Real Estate Bill
  Amendment to the FCRA
  Gift amongst Corporates
  SAT Order on Front Running
  FDI in Multi Brand Retail
  Seat as Centre of Gravity for Arbitration
  Force Majeure
  Consent Mechanism


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  Determinable Contracts Vs Specific Performance-Discretion of Court
  Company Vs. LLP Vs. Partnership
  From Hunted to the Hunter - 25 Years of Economic Liberalization
  Pharmaceutical Industry
  Bombay High Court on Intellectual Property Rights Arbitration
  ITP! Stop!
  FDI in Trading
  Myth - Three's a Crowd
  Succession Among Hindus
  INDIAN REITs - Recent Policy Developments
  Emancipation of FDI in Real Estate Sector
  Place your Management Effectively
  Phantom Stock Options
  Start-Up India Stand-Up India