Practice Areas

Legal Compliance

Due to the current multifaceted legal environment and strict Government implementation various companies are required to adhere to several compliances whether statutory or legal. Further, owing to demands from overseas partners as well as ever growing activism, the focus on actions of companies is on the rise. The non-compliances of such laws and statutes would mostly result in possible civil and/or criminal persecution. Moreso, digitization has led to a wider list of compliances.

Our team at Rajani Associates aims to help corporate discover such administrative and legal loopholes, rectify them and simplify the process for any future inadvertence. Our legal and statutory compliance team has the expertise to identify the sectors the corporate operates in and to customise an industry specific checklist to commence the audit activity.

There is a broad and diverse body of laws which require compliances by the companies incorporated and operational in India. Our team at Rajani Associates have the requisite know-how to support Indian and foreign companies on all aspects of legal and regulatory compliance.

We customise and cover the following areas while conducting our audits:

  • In case of listed companies - Compliances with Securities and Exchange Board of India ("SEBI") Act, 1992 and SEBI Regulations, including but not limited to the Takeover Regulations, Listing Regulations, Prohibition of Insider Trading Regulations, etc.;
  • Companies Act and the Rules and Regulations framed thereunder;
  • Employment laws;
  • Compliances under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 ("FEMA") and notifications and circulars issued thereunder.